Anna Skipper

Swedish tv hostess- Nutrition Expert, Nutritional Chef and Coach

Anna Skipper examines TV participants' health and eating habits andhelps both them and interested viewers, to a more wholesome and healthier lifestyle. Eating well should be easy and fun.

Tv - hostess "You are what you eat", Coach, nutrition expert and health chef

I have been interested in food and cooking as long as I can remember and have worked professionally with food for over 20 years. Over the last decade the focus has been on performance and health. 

Initially I had intended to study to be a doctor, but soon realized that my interests were in complementary therapies and cooking healthy food. I discovered that a holistic approach worked very well in practice and therefore chose to continue my development in this direction. 

Since there was no real training to become a holistic coach at that time, I evolved through practice and acquired knowledge. These skills are essential in my work and are an excellent complement to the traditional training that I have in the diet, nutrition and health fields.

At the beginning of my career in the food industry, I ran a restaurant. I felt that there was more to do than "just" cook plain delicious food. My goal was to cook healthy and performance enhancing food without sacrificing taste.

The food as the medicine

In order to achieve my goal, I have continuously received training and attended courses that have been focusing on food's function, that is, how it affects our bodies both physically and mentally. With creativity and culinary delight, I have since transformed this factual knowledge into food that is good, appetizing and nutritious. A common reaction that I often hear is: "I had no idea that healthy food can be so good!"

TV-show - "You are what you eat" show started 2005 

  "You are what you eat" show started 2005 in TV 3 with a huge success. Miljons of wiewers ower the years has followed the change of lifestyle of the parcitipant. 

The showed mowed over to Tv4 2011 and today over 130 shows has been broadcasted prime time in Sweden and in Finland.